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Lenovo Z50-70 : Review

Buy on: http://goo.gl/dUIDh3

We had Lenovo Z50-70 on review. This 15.6" HD display laptop designed with entertainment features and premium looks, inside has the 4th gen Intel Core processors (Core i3-4030U 1.9 GHz). For more check our website http://www.gdgtcompare.com

Viewing angles of display: http://goo.gl/N7l0F6

Canon 5D Mark IV: http://amzn.to/2qnOsLI
Canon 5D Mark II http://amzn.to/2l7kWsi
50mm f1.8 lens http://amzn.to/2mFWrif
100mm f2.8 lens http://amzn.to/2mozaFl
14mm f2.8 lens http://amzn.to/2ljqFGy
24-105mm f4 lens http://amzn.to/2l7v84e
Sennheiser AVX http://amzn.to/2ljebPr
Zoom H6 kit http://amzn.to/2moNYUJ
Aputure LS-1s http://amzn.to/2ljsELk
Rode VideoMic Pro http://amzn.to/2m6SQNL
Beholder DS1: http://amzn.to/2qZTZIC
the crazy kid : Do you know how to use @ on a Lenovo z50 please help
iva zedelashvili : how many bits has this laptop?
Jano Kollarcik : Damn I almost fell asleep :D
koolaidvfx : i have this it powers on for 2 seconds then switches off no display
Coco : I have had this laptop for around 3 years and I personally do not like it. The only video games you can play are csgo and ones that do not require a lot of power (even lags while running minecraft). I can't run Gta 5 or anything of that level. The camera is shit, which is not surprising for a laptop. This laptops life is coming to an end. Just recently, the battery is unable to work without the laptop constantly being plugged in and doesn't charge at all. It has also started to freeze and it's becoming a frustration to work with. I have taken very good care of the laptop besides that so if you are looking for something a little more long-lasting this may not do.
Irvin Chacon : The core Is?
elireloaded : In motha Russia, laptop review u.
Spike strife : Yo any owners of this laptop,could you please give recommendations on upgrading that n wireless networking card by chance? I heard Lenovo can be picky about them. Thank you very much ^_^
Hubwood : Hey! Thx for the video! Take a look at my extended z50-70 gaming review :)
Vasilescu Andrei : The heck? I have the same laptop but it came with i7 - 4510U and 2 GPU: intel family graphics and nvidia geforce gtx 840m 2 gb

Lenovo Z50 upgrading HDD to SSD

In this video, i upgrade the Lenovo laptop to have more ram and two hard drives. I removed the DVD drive and replaced it with an HDD caddy drive.

Lenovo Model info

So my current official and this battery has died i dont recomend this battery anymore.

From Amazon Uk, you can order all the items. There are
three of them.

Caddy HDD frame 9.5mm size.

Crucial Ram 4GB but i guess you can use 8GB but its more expensive. Don't buy less than 4GB size because it doesn't give enough memory upgrade for your laptop. (Max ram you can get is 8GB two times so 16GB is max ram for this device).

Crucial SSD 525GB real size is "488GB". Again you can choose diffrent size but i cant reccomend to choose 275 GB because its really small unless you think you can handle with it. Also cloning your old harddrive to small SSD is imposible without emptying alot of data from it. I would recomend clean install of the OS to the new SSD so it would work fast.

Crucial SSD driver i recomend to instal this since it wont be automatically be installed. Sry for including this so late.

Lenovo Z50 changing HDD to SSD 0:00
Opening Back cover 0:12
Removing the HDD 1:08
Moving the SSD to the bracket and removing the old HDD from it 2:01
Placing the old HDD to the Caddy 4:09
Inserting the SSD back to the slot 5:44
Removing the DVD drive 7:16
Inserting the HDD caddy to the DVD slot 7:49
Inserting extra ram 11:44
Placing the cover back to the device 12:39
Last insert battery 13:31
Mikko Tenhunen : If you have question make a new comment. Otherwise your question will be lost in the older comments.
eyecontactleadsto : I did the ssd drive swap but i guess it’s trying to boot from the ssd not the hard drive as I get the blue error screen - Windows Boot Manager Failed when starting my laptop.
Milan Lukac : Aka značka,veĺkosť a typ SSD?Chcel by som to vymenit sam.Treba po vymene urobit nejaku instalaciu pri vymene HDD za SSD.Ďakujem
Cap vacances page officielle : Merci pour cette belle vidéo ou j'ai trouvé mon bonheur.
Николай Мазикин : Thanks from Siberia!
Deepak Swaroop : I'm getting issue with this upgradation in my LENOVO Z51-70
In my caddy I have tried a 500GB hdd from another laptop that is working here.
But 1TB main hdd of this laptop is not working in caddy.
Any solution?
Hasangaki : Can i install the extra SSD drive (HDD is in already) into DVD place ? I mean, can i buy HDD Frame and plant there SSD Drive ? (wondering why i have to install SSD into HDD Place and then HDD drive into CD/DVD Place). Just want to skip replacement and just install extra SSD(to replace system from HDD to SSD).
70ghst : m2 ssd on that laptop? Can you try it??
G M : Wlan card upgrade please?
Ruslan E : can i install m2 ssd on this laptop?

Lenovo Z50 70 - Análisis en profundidad

En este vídeo damos respuesta a preguntas de los suscriptores en referencia a este producto, el Lenovo Z50-70 donde muestro un análisis y comportamiento de este equipo durante los primeros 6 meses de trabajo.

Unboxing Lenovo Z50-70: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYRIrbUqh4c\u0026list=PLWB5lLLpqIx6krhMJqxfVeXeBxLJ7Kemn\u0026index=8

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raulinformaticos?ref=hl

Tema utilizado:

John Deley and the 41 Players - Leslie's_Strut

Tema autorizado por You Tube dentro de las canciones con derechos de uso público y libre.
rodolfo flores : hola raul como estas queria saber si yo puedo aumentar la capacidad de memoria de mi ordenador (lapto) de 8G a 16G y si funcionara mejor
Juanjo Garro : Hola Raul!!, una pregunta, cómo puedo formatear mi laptop lenovo Z50 70????, sólo la puedo restaurar de fabrica con programas que yo uso, aparte si yo uso adobe after effects para edicion de videos, qué me recomiendas configurar en mi laptop lenovo para que al momento de hacer render no tenga problemas???
Jorge T2014 : comopuedo poner unjack auricular en esta laptop
fabrizio Rojas : Este ordenador esta bien para ing civil?
miguel antony huerta gonzales : Sigues usando el portatil ya an pasado 4 años desde que lo adquiri y iva bien pero ahora calienta que portatil me recomiendas para juegos??
Geoff Blank : hola amigo un comentario de LENOVO Z50-75 gracias
Black Cat XIII : Buenas, tengo este ordenador desde hace 4 años y empiezo a tener problemas con la señal wifi, a veces se desconecta de golpe y no detecta ninguna red, tampoco me deja acceder a la configuración de red, hasta que no lo reinicio no vuelve a conectarse. A alguien más le ha pasado algo así?? O sabe a qué se debe?? me ayudaría mucho :/
Ivanh58 Herr : La Lenovo z50-75 corre buenos juegos, solo la quiero para jugar juegos de Wii o GameCube en Dolphin
186will : Muy buenas tardes Raul, una consulta tengo una lenovo con sistema operativo windows 10, pero quiero cambiarlo a Windows 7, seria recomendable, o tendría algún problema mas adelante.
juankyelpelotillas : Pero tio como cojones tienes canal de youtube?




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